Dancing Towards a Brigher Future

Aparna Kanda, KKEL mom, exclaims: “No dance experience, no studio, no music and hardly any practice! Just one visit by a choreographer, three dedicated volunteer teachers, and a whole lot of joi de vivre… the enthusiasm to live life to its fullest! The kids were undoubtedly the highlight of the show! Shall we resolve to give them more reasons to smile every day? Can we show them we care?”

When it comes to shaking a leg, can anyone stay away, least of all when they are 12 of the youngest from our Santacruz Centre? 

These sprightly dancers participated at Kangaroo Kids (KKEL) Pali Hill’s Annual Day Concert, thanks to Arati Nanavati and Pratishtha Manchandani, KKEL moms and dedicated teachers at Angel Xpress. The ladies turned into avid dance teachers overnight with help from Deepika from KKEL.