Celebrating our Day of Grace 2014

You are invited to warm your heart on a wintery evening.

Event: Angel Xpress Day of Grace Concert
Date: 25th Jan, 2014
Time: 7:00 pm onwards
Venue: Bandra Fort Amphitheater

A 15-min Dance Extravaganza by our Angel Xpress Children will be followed by music from awe-inspiring artists like:
Sunita Bhuyan
Geetu Hinduja
Ayushman Shrestha

January 2012 One Facebook post asking for clothes for slum children had 3000 people calling to offer help. The intent behind Angel Xpress Foundation was born.

Every year since, we salute the people who created this movement, by acknowledging and appreciating our volunteers and donors, who have been supporting this cause.

About us

Angel Xpress Foundation provides a platform for educated adults, to fulfill the education needs of underprivileged children; and nurture a better future where they can make responsible choices. We currently reach out to 500 children through our 3 centres, located in public parks and promenades across Mumbai city. Here, children from slums find access to their affluent educated, neighbors who care to spare 2-3 hours / week to teach them English and Math.

We also conduct English classes for over 1000 children at select vernacular-medium Municipal (BMC) Schools, and promote extra-curricular activities with the help of volunteers, trained teachers, and educationists. We see our work as one step to shape the future of first-gen learners, who tend to stray in the absence of appropriate adult guidance.

To know more or join us visit www.angelxpress.org

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